HT Test Reports

The three innovative features of HT coating have been scientifically-proven. Independent, renowned test institutes have tested the effectiveness of tiles with HT coating against pollutants, bacteria and dirt.

The clear test results can be found below - by clicking on the respective test you can view a pdf file with the details of the test.

Antibacterial effect

Fraunhofer Institut Schmallenberg (ISO 27447)

Dr. Ralph Derra, ISEGA – Forschungs- und
Untersuchungs-Gesellschaft mbH Aschaffenburg

Easy to clean

Fraunhofer Institut Braunschweig (ISO 10678:2010)

Pollutant degradation

Fraunhofer Institut Braunschweig (ISO 22197-1)

Fraunhofer Institut Holzkirchen

Prof Horst Kisch, Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen/Nurnberg