A fast-rising trend in the construction, architectural and engineering industry is the façade.

A building’s façade is a crucial exterior feature. We have come a long way from the buildings and architectural feats of the 1960s. Today, façades function far more than just being part of the architectural aesthetics – it is not just about transforming the exterior of a building by putting on a pretty dress for a building. A well-designed cladding system can enhance the overall energy performance of a building. Façades act as barriers against environmental factors such as sunlight, water, heat, wind and noise. They play an impactful role by controlling the amount of lighting, heating and ventilation transfer in and out of a building. This results in improved interior quality, which in turn spins off a number of benefits for the building’s owners and occupants, ranging from enhanced marketability of the building due to its higher environmental ratings to green tax rebates to boosted corporate image for occupants to sustained cost-savings in the long term.

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Façades are notoriously regarded as one of the higher risk elements in a building project as it is a challenge to accurately calculate and predict how much light or noise or heat exchange can and will happen with the installation of a façade. When designing a façade, green building guidelines such as the call for buildings to “blend” into its surroundings can impact the design parameters. Green guidelines can also affect the choice of materials and system applications: how can a building design look good and at the same time, do not compromise on cost and energy efficiency? One possible solution are HT-light active façade options with active self-cleaning features that reduce the costs of cleaning across the entire service life of coated façades - the Building Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA) is known to give additional green mark points for this feature. 

Other considerations that contribute to façade building challenges include the consideration of type and function of a building: will the façade be part of a new construction or will it be an addition to an existing building? When it comes to the actual installation of the façade, this poses an additional set of challenges: how will the façade be assembled and how will the cladding be maintained and retrofit potential in time to come.

Creating high-performing buildings delivered with quality architectural façade within an agreeable cost range that lasts is a challenge that we at ABK - Architectural Builders Konnexion are happy to take on with you.

Recent façade projects in Singapore include Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, NUH Medical Centre, St. Regis Hotel and Residences, Graduate Medical School (Duke-NUS), Raffles Education Square and Rohde & Schwarz building.

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St. Regis Facade

St. Regis Facade

Mount Elizabeth

Mt. Elizabeth Facade