Tiles are a durable construction product that adds beauty to any application. In close co-operation with the tile retail trade and architectural community, ABK - Architectural Builders Konnexion brings to you - Agrob Buchtal, synonymous with decades strengthening partnerships with their enormous ceramic tile range and impeccable architect’s service, and Steuler Design, one of the largest manufacturers of made-in-Germany tiles.

The combined experience and expertise offered by these two brands presents countless tiling possibilities for our customers.

Combining solid know-how with marketable innovations, HT-coated (Hydrophilic Tiles) tiles have been setting the standards for sustainable, healthy living environments. Taking responsibility for the future, HT tiles promote green building in accordance with specifications of both national and international certification agencies.

The unique characteristics of HT-coated tiles make HT tiles an ideal choice for both light-active façades and for healthier interior living by planners and architects all around the world and are used in a wide range of applications.

Berlin Underground Station Tiles

Outstanding product features:

  • colour- and light-fast
  • incombustible
  • free of emissions and solvents
  • thermally conductive
  • antistatic
  • antibacterial
  • slip-resistant
  • self-washing effect
  • durable
  • active air-cleaning

Whether it is the extensive unicolour range: 50 colours matched to one another or the extensive modular system of formats consisting of 15 decimal and 14 octametric formats, or the enormous variety available: from decorative earthenware wall tiles to rectified porcelain tiles, or the variety of sizes, from the mini-mosaic 1cm by 1cm to the representative 60cm by 60cm or 75cm by 150cm, these German-made tiles offer comprehensive application possibilities, opening up immense creative possibilities, backed with support provided by the Architects’ Service. The worldwide distribution network makes it possible for anyone to gain access to ABK’s range of HT tiles, no matter where a building project might be in the world.

Try out ABK’s new Digital Showroom that allows you to test the spatial effect and combination of tiles to discover how our range of tiles can add value and marketability to your building project from the comfort of your computer now